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Saturday, 19 February
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Atmosphere & Purity

Why Meditate?

     Rediscover the true self.  Take time for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

For peace of mind and to increase concentration.

What is Raja Yoga?

An ancient method of meditation and spiritual knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

It is a practice that teaches true self-awareness in order to return to a state of inner peace and power.

Benefits of Meditation?

  Provides answers to many of life's questions.

 Empowers the self and increases our self-respect.

Learn to focus on the quality of our thoughts for the self, others, and nature.

Special Event

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Saturday, 19 February
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Guest speaker, Eric Le Reste

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Eric is a journalist and producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).  He is a practitioner and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for over 35 years and is the National Coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris in Canada. 

Join us on Zoom for a dialogue with our guest speaker, Eric Le Reste and moderator, Philippa Blackham

Philippa Blackham is a journalist and radio presenter.  Having worked for BBC Radio in the UK for many years (including 7 years as one of the voices of 'Woman's Hour'), she is now the coordinator of a national project,100 Women of Spirit, recognizes the spiritual contribution to society made by women.  She is an ordained Interfaith Minister & has studied  Raja Yoga Meditation with the Brahma Kumaris for almost 40 years.

(Hindi and Spanish language translation available)

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Thought for Today

Respect Life

Knowing that respect is the main  universal principle of life, 

I continue to experience and cultivate acceptance, tolerance, inclusiveness

and ultimately love,

within the self and in relating to nature and all living beings.


Daily Inspiration

Reawaken your innocence by discovering your virtues. 

The law of karma is the law of respect that maintains balance, order, and harmony in the universe.