Why Meditate?

     Rediscover the true self.  Take time for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

For peace of mind and to increase concentration.

Raja Yoga

What is Raja Yoga?

An ancient method of meditation and spiritual knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

It is a practice that teaches true self-awareness in order to return to a state of inner peace and power.


Benefits of Meditation?

  Provides answers to many of life's questions.

 Empowers the self and increases our self-respect.

Learn to focus on the quality of our thoughts for the self, others, and nature.

As a precautionary measure, all Raja Yoga meditation classes/events are online due to the Coronavirus.
We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated.  For information, please visit our Events page. 
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Thought for Today

Optimism opens a door in difficult or hopeless situations.

No matter what the crisis, an optimist maintains the outlook that it is a sign,  time for a different way of thinking, or of doing things.

Sometimes, the signal has to be very clear even harsh, otherwise we may continue in self-delusion and not wake up.

Off course if we lack optimism, instead of taking this signal as a step towards renaissance, complaint, resentment or even desperation will emerge.


Daily Inspiration

Reawaken your innocence by discovering your virues. 

The law of karma is the law of respect that maintains balance, order, and harmony in the universe.